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Web Design and Development

Strategy – Growing Your business is Why We Get Hired !

With our Web Design, Development, Marketing and Branding services, we can take your business to the next level.

We focus on providing our clients a high return on investment and long-term benefits.

NyCityGeek provides web design and website hosting services to individuals and small businesses in New York: NYC, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester. 

Web Design

Web design is the art of creating the look and feel for a website.

Are you looking for quality website design services? If so, you have come to the right place! We offer you customized, dynamic websites designed to promote your business and services.

At Ny City Geek we believe that design, functionality and easy navigation are key to building and effective website, free from annoying animations and splash screens.

Website design is about communicating benefits and to do this a website must meet the following design criteria

  1. Functionality and aesthetics are intrinsic – design never negates function.
  2. The website’s design promotes user accessibility.
  3. The brand legitimacy is clearly formatted.
  4. The website is not over-designed or too complicated.
  5. Clear content and typography enhance the design of the website.
  6. The design and overall brand development is original and thought provoking.
  7. The end product is a culmination of the customer’s vision and NY City Geek’s unique approach to website design.

Internet Marketing

If you are setting up a website you will be well aware that you need to market your website. For that reason NY City Geek has a full marketing department that can help you with all your needs.Our marketing team has a vast amount of experience marketing everything from small business to large blue chip companies. They are aware that every company has different needs and can tailor your campaign for your specific needs.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or as we like to call it Website Optimisation is the name for the techniques used to get your website ranked high up on the list of search results for search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Is search engine optimisation (SEO) necessary for your site? Absolutely. At NY City Geek we call SEO the fertilizer or nutrition that sustains online business growth. Most if not all users find online services and products through search engines.

What we offer

We are an experienced SEO company and by using our expertise and knowledge as well as listening to what you want to achieve we can help with increasing the profile of your website by helping it to be more visible. Progress will be monitored and plans revised where necessary. The steps we take are:

  • Keyword Analysis– help you find the keywords and phrases that best describe your site;
  • Copywriting – write content for your site that is relevant, contains your keywords, is easy to read and is search engine friendly;
  • Website Optimisation – review your website content and ensure the text and links on your website are optimized for your chosen keywords;
  • Off Website Optimisation – work on getting links to your website from related websites to increase its visibility and credibility with the search engines;
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Programs – workout an effective advertising campaign with you to get the greatest cost to visitor volume ratio;
  • Regular Updates – discuss progress with you and review keywords as your business develops to ensure you get the desired results from SEO.

Web Development

However web development is more comprehensive than web design and includes developing applications to help make your website more interactive.

There are many things we can create using our web development skills and these include:

  • Bespoke content management systems to help you edit your website.
  • E-commerce functionality for your online shop
  • Custom Forums to help your customers engage with your website.
  • Online Chat to enable your customers to engage with you while they are online.
  • Social networking to enable people to set up their own profiles on your website.
  • Online booking systems so that customers can book appointments or hotel rooms etc.
  • Recruitment websites that allow people to upload their information direct to your website.
  • Any other function that involves user input.

Computer Service and Computer Repair

  1. Laptop Repair Service
  2. Blue Screen Error
  3. Virus, Spyware & Worm Removal Service
  4. Web Design and Development
  5. On Site Service
  6. Business IT Service



Contact us

Our central New York  office  is open 24 hours.

Call NY City Geek now to 212-537-6835 or email nycitygeeks@gmail.com to find out how we can help with your web design and web development.


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