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Monthly Computer Service Contract

Running a business is extremely challenging. It is even more difficult when your employees cannot work because of computer or network problems. Downtime can be extremely costly to you, your employees, and to your customers. We have a solution to your problems: Let us be your IT department for a fraction of the cost! NyCityGeek specializes in providing on-site computer repair services and network... 

Blue Screen Error

  Call us (212) 537-6835 to get the best pc repair and blue screen repair in New York, NYC, Brooklyn. Blue Screen Errors also known as the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) errors, are the most severe errors Windows can encounter. BSoD occurs when Windows detects a problem or error from which it cannot recover. The operating system halts and diagnostic information is displayed on a blue screen. Every... 

Data Recovery New York

Data Transfer Moving all your data ( email data, application data) from one computer to another it may not be easy to recreate the same data on the destination computer. That’ s way Ny City Geek is here . Data Recovery Can Windows not longer see your hard drive? Accidentally deleted an important file or folder? If you recently deleted or formatted data from a working hard drive we may be... 
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