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Laptop Inverter Replacement

One of the most common problems with a laptop LCD screen is the inverter stops functioning. If your lcd screen is very dark or flickers, more than likely it is an inverter problem. We can replace your laptops inverter with a new one and have it working like new.

Typical problems a new laptop inverter will fix:

  • LCD screen does not light up
  • LCD Screen is darker at the top and bottom
  • LCD Screen lightens up but goes off and on
  • LCD screen is very dim or dark
  • Color fades on Display
  • LCD Screen flickers

Laptop Inverter Replacement is Available Everywhere in New York:

We offer our laptop inverter replacement everywhere in New York: NYC, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Long Island.

Internally, a laptop runs on a low voltage, with the exception of the screen, which uses a back-lit liquid crystal display (LCD). Without the inverter and the bulb it powers, the screen would be too faint to see properly. By controlling the output of the inverter, the laptop can adjust the brightness of its display. Some types of laptop inverter are able to do this automatically by using a small sensor to detect how bright the room is, and adjusting their output accordingly.

The inverter is typically housed close to the lamp, keeping its power wires as short as possible and to avoid running them through other parts of the machine unnecessarily. One of the most common problems with a laptop LCD screen is the inverter stops functioning.

If your LCD screen is very dark that means you have to replace the inverter.


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